Weekly NASCAR Cheaters Report

UPDATE This statement was released by the team today:

Front Row Motorsports supports NASCAR in its efforts to enforce competition rules and to maintain integrity throughout the sport. Therefore, Front Row accepts that NASCAR must penalize the team for a rules infraction regarding valve stem caps on the No. 38 car at Pocono Raceway on June 6.

"We take the rules of this sport very seriously, and we support NASCAR in its enforcement of those rules," said Bob Jenkins, team owner. "It was not our intent to put unapproved valve stem caps on our car at Pocono, a track where such a maneuver would clearly not provide any advantage. We are conducting our own internal investigation to determine how those parts got into our inventory and onto our car last weekend.

"While we recognize we have to pay for our mistake, this was an unintentional, isolated incident,"
Jenkins continued. "We plan to immediately submit an appeal through NASCAR's formal appeal process as outlined by the NASCAR rule book."

The team's three entries will compete this weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

06/08/10 Ed Note: It seems pretty obvious to us that bleeder valves that are in the rim are not part of the tire. The story does not say if these are specifically illegal. the air in the tire is not part of the tire either, as you can put whatever pressure in it you want. This sounds to us like something NASCAR is jumping on that might likely be considered within the rules on Dale Jr's car.

Sources tell Sirius NASCAR Radio's Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody that NASCAR discovered clandestine [secrecy or concealed] air pressure bleeder valves on the tires of Travis Kvapil's #38 Front Row Motorsports Ford Sunday at Pocono Raceway. Following the rain delay, NASCAR officials reportedly observed two soft tires on the rear of Kvapil's car and held him from rolling back onto the track for the start of the race. Closer examination of those tire and wheel assemblies allegedly revealed illegal bleeder valves, which purge excess air pressure from the tires as it accumulates under race conditions. If confirmed, the team would likely face a major NASCAR penalty, since tires are considered to be one of the sanctions "untouchable" items, along with engines and fuel.(Sirius Speedway)(6-8-2010)
UPDATE: After yesterday's story about Front Row's possible infraction at Pocono, we are hearing today that the penalty from NASCAR could be the biggest ever handed down. When NASCAR makes the announcement later today or tomorrow, expect the penalty to include a $250,000 fine and 300 driver and owner points for Travis Kvapil and owner Bob Jenkins. A suspension for crew chief Steven Lane will also be included. This penalty tops the sanctions handed down last season to Carl Long's team after his engine was discovered to be too large at Charlotte. No word yet on how this will affect the team's status moving forward. Expect the team to appeal the decision. NASCAR Insiders

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