Indy 500 IZOD Red Carpet celebrity quotes

Quotes from selected celebrities from the IZOD Red Carpet before the start of the 2010 Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (in alphabetical order):

RUPERT BONEHAM (Reality TV personality, Indianapolis resident): "Walking up the red carpet has been an amazing event. I've been the guy who stood outside of the fence (of IMS), then finally got inside back in 1977. Now I'm a celebrity on the red carpet, and I can come inside and play around. It's been a great adventure for a little Hoosier boy."

LAURA BELL BUNDY (Country music singer): "This is my first time at the '500.' I did the parade yesterday, and, all those people, my arms are tired from waving. It's very exciting to be involved in all the festivities and to get this amazing treatment. I'm really excited. People are telling me the start of the '500' is the most incredible event you'll ever experience. Being from Kentucky, I'm big into the Derby. Everybody is excited about everything leading up to the Derby. Here we will see more horsepower. I'm rooting for Dario (Franchitti) because he is Ashley Judd's husband, and she is from Kentucky. So I have to keep it all Big Blue now."

JIM BURT (Former NFL star): "I have never done this before. I played golf yesterday. My golf game is good, and I had a fun time. Love it here and get the feeling this is like home. I'm looking around today, and this is four times the event when I played in the Super Bowl in Pasadena. This is four times the people. I'm looking forward to seeing all the people and feeling the adrenaline of all the cars. I'm an adrenaline guy. I was an undersized player when I played, so I played on adrenaline. I was 260 pounds playing against guys 310. I like the adrenaline rush."

ERIC CLOSE (Actor, "Without a Trace"): "I have been here before for time trials, but this is the first time to be here for the actual race. I went on the track yesterday in the two-seater going 190 miles per hour, and I can't even imagine what it will be like for those cars and drivers going full-out at 225. It's going to be pretty exciting. I can't wait for the race today." (Favorite to win?): "Helio. I figure he's going to be hungry to defend and he will give it a good go."

NATHAN FILLION (Actor, "Castle"): "It's my first time here. So far, so good. I'm a racing fan now."

BRUCE JENNER (Olympic gold medalist, television personality): "It's very exciting. I raced cars for years and really enjoy racing. But I've never been to the Indianapolis 500. For me, it's a lot of fun to be here. I mean, this is the big granddaddy of them all here in the United States. To have a car in there with our company, QuickTrim, with Graham Rahal even makes it more exciting because now we have somebody to cheer for."

JEWEL (Singer/songwriter, will perform national anthem): "I'm so excited. It's really an honor to get to sing the national anthem. It's a touching song, and I couldn't think of a better crowd to sing it with and for. I just hope I don't cry through the thing."

PAUL KRAUSE (NFL Hall of Famer): "Yes, this is my first time here, and I love it, absolutely love it. I rode in the two-seater (Saturday), and I'd like to do that more. I love the racing. I was at St. Petersburg this year (for the IZOD Indy Car Series race) and enjoyed it immensely. I think this is just fabulous. This is (the race fan's) the Super Bowl. For a driver to win the '500' is like winning the Super Bowl."

ANTHONY MUNOZ (NFL Hall of Famer): "It's my first time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and I'm pumped. I'm really excited about it. When I first got here I was like, 'Oh my goodness, this is huge'. I'm used to 60,000- and 80,000-seat football stadiums, and this is something else. It's great that so many people can come to one place and experience an event like this." (On the Indianapolis 500): "This is the first Indy car race that I'll see in person, so I'm really looking forward to it. It's a great event. I'm looking forward to seeing the skill of the drivers and the speed of the cars. I'm all about speed. I mean, it's something I didn't know about as an offensive lineman, so I'm looking to see a lot of speed out here." (You've been to many big events. Where does this rank?): "Well, this is my first one (Indy 500) and so far the atmosphere is unbelievable. I've been to Super Bowls. I've been to Final Fours, NBA All-Star Games and golf tournaments. But this is starting to move real close to being at the top."

TY MURRAY (Rodeo legend): "Oh, it's exciting. It's something we've heard about our whole lives. But we've never had the chance to be here and witness it for ourselves. I've heard about it from people who have been everywhere and done everything. And they say it's a day that you have to experience. We're looking forward to it."

JACK NICHOLSON (Academy Award-winning actor, honorary starter): "It's good to be here."

RON PERLMAN (Actor, "Sons of Anarchy"): "There are not many things that here in 2010 that have the exact same value and meaning as an American icon and institution as the Indy 500. It is every bit as exciting in 2010 as it was when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s. And if you have an opportunity to come as I did, you have to come, you have to experience it at least once. I'm pretty excited, and I don't get that excited anymore."

JEREMY RENNER (Actor, "The Hurt Locker"): "Yes, this is my first time here at Indy, and it's a real blast. I love it. Took the ride in the two-seater (Saturday), and what a thrill that was. I love the speed, and I can't wait to see the race in person."

NDAMKONG SUH (Detroit Lions' No. 1 draft pick in 2010 NFL Draft): "This is my first time here, and it is exciting to come out and try something new. I came out here with my friend Cody Glenn, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts. So I had a place to stay, so I wanted to come out here and enjoy it." (On the upcoming NFL season): "I'm excited. I had a blast playing at Nebraska, but I'm moving on, I have a lot of good teammates who I have gotten to know through the last few weeks of OTA, and I am looking forward to playing in Detroit." (Are there similarities between football and racing?): "There are big differences, but there is also camaraderie, as well. Pit crews and everyone have to band together and make there one guy be the best and take home the crown."

LYNN SWANN (NFL Hall of Famer): "The '500' is a tremendous event. This is my second time here. The drivers are tremendous athletes. You talk about getting in a car doing 200 laps over 200 miles per hour . The wear and tear on the body and mentally the kind of focus you need, it's kind of like a golfer. You make a good shot here and there, but you got to keep doing it and keep doing it. Sometimes it seems monotonous, but if you lose your focus or lose your concentration, it's a bad shot. And a bad shot at the Indy 500 can mean someone gets really hurt, really bad." (On the spectator experience): "It is a great experience. There is something for everyone. You've got people rolling up in limousines, people rolling up in chartered buses; you've got people rolling up with backpacks on and camping out in RVs. It's all something for everybody." (Do you have a favorite driver or team?): "I don't have a favorite. I'm hoping for a great race, a safe race, I want to see a fantastic finish!"

KRISTA WHITE ("America's Top Model"): "It's my first time here. It's awesome. I've never seen so many people in one area in my life. Driving in it was just crazy. I'm rooting for Danica. I want a woman to win."

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