Kubica: Not time to talk about the future

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica insists it's still too early to talk about where he'll be next season despite rumors linking him to Ferrari.

According to reports, Ferrari are keen to sign the Polish driver as Fernando Alonso's 2011 team-mate, parting ways with Felipe Massa.

However, Renault are determined to hold onto Kubica while Massa's manager is adamant he will be staying at Ferrari.

As for what Kubica thinks about the matter, he's not letting on.

"It's not the time to talk about it," he said. "There will be a time to talk about staying with Renault or not.

"For me, now is still too early. We'll have to see. Once I get the feeling of what I have to decide, I will do it."

Kubica, though, made it clear that he is happy at Renault, pointing out that while some questioned his decision to sign with the team, his two podium finishes have proven him right.

"Many people, when I signed for Renault, told me that I was completely wrong and it was quite a bad move," said Kubica.

"Many people said I should even have stayed at Sauber, and when I decided to move to Renault, its future was uncertain.

"I think I'm pretty happy with my decision and I hope I can rely on my decisions in the future. I'm happy with what I did and where I moved." PlanetF1.com

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