‘Hard’ to just copy runaway Red Bull – Alonso

(GMM) Red Bull's rivals cannot catch up with the dominant RB6 car simply by copying its technical features, Fernando Alonso insists.

On Monday, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton was quoted as urging his engineers to study the Adrian Newey-penned single seater in a bid to match its runaway pace.

Asked by Germany's Die Welt for his opinion about the secret to the RB6's success, Ferrari driver Alonso answered: "It would be nice if we knew that.

"It is incredibly difficult to figure out why the competition is better here and there. And so it is hard to copy them."

But the Spaniard admitted that emulating the cleverness of rival teams is commonplace in formula one.

"It can be. But whether it always works is a different matter, because every team also has its own design philosophy into which fits the next elements.

"It means that you have to develop better in your own direction," said Alonso.

Red Bull's Mark Webber, the back-to-back winner from pole in Spain and Monaco, insists it is too early to conclude that the Austrian team is now a shoo-in for the title.

"I understand you guys (reporters) have to write stuff but no one knows who is going to be in the hunt with a few races to go," said the Australian.

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