Rome vows to find GP ‘agreement’ with Monza

(GMM) Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno has played down reports the Italian capital is set to take historic Monza's place on the 2013 formula one calendar.

Bernie Ecclestone said earlier this week that a Rome street race will be on the 20-race schedule in 2013.

Milan mayor Letizia Moratti responded to the news by saying she was worried Monza is set to lose its race at the famous Autodromo Nazionale.

Monza mayor Marco Mariani told La Stampa: "It's the ultimate act of arrogance by a capital that for 2000 years has lived by removing the oxygen of others."

Said Rome's Alemanno: "We will organize a grand prix in Rome, but we will make an agreement with Monza. The grand prix of Rome will be a grand prix of Europe.

"It will not replace the Italian grand prix," he added.

Alemanno added in Italy's Tuttosport: "It is clear. I spoke yesterday with (Rome GP organizer Maurizio) Flammini that before we start this we will find an agreement with Monza."

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