Visibility problems for Nico

After completing the initial set-up work with the MGP W01 yesterday morning, Nico had a productive day focusing on long runs which saw him cover a race distance mileage over the course of the day. Although still not entirely comfortable with his position in the car, Nico completed 119 laps today, setting a fastest lap time of 01:12.899.

Michael Schumacher will take over from Nico tomorrow for the third and final day of this week's test.

Nico Rosberg: "I'm very pleased with our first full day of testing and we were really able to get into the program and achieve some good work today. We successfully completed a race distance on the car's second day of running and I'm quite happy with how the car felt on the longer runs with heavy fuel. It felt like the same car, just a little bit slower, but the balance was good. We've still got some work to do on my position in the car as I dropped down by 1.5cm during the day which explains why the visibility got a little difficult towards the end but that's something we can fix before the next test. Overall it's been a positive start to our pre-season testing and I'm enjoying working with the team and feeling very comfortable here."

No of Laps: 119 laps
Best Lap Time: 01:12.899
Kilometers Covered: 482km
Track Length: 4.051km

Ambient Temperature: Maximum 13°C
Track Temperature: Maximum 19°C

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