Updated GM Statement on Pontiac Vibe Recalls

Amid the media attention over the Toyota recalls for possible unintended acceleration that include the Pontiac Vibe, many customers are wondering whether it is safe to drive their 2009 and 2010 models of the Vibe.

Based on GM’s experience, the Vibe is safe to drive.

Prior to the Toyota accelerator pedal recall of Jan. 21 and the inclusion of the Vibe in the October 2009 recall for floor mat entrapment, GM had not received any relevant customer complaints in the 2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe. Nor were there any complaints found in a search of U.S. and Canadian databases.

However, since it was announced that the Vibe was included in the two Toyota recalls, we have received several complaints of alleged sticking accelerator pedals. To the best of our knowledge, the Vibe vehicles were safely brought to a stop. We are investigating each of the claims.

GM will communicate with the approximately 99,000 Vibe owners in the United States and Canada as soon as we receive additional information to share about the recall from Toyota.

Any customer who experiences any accelerator pedal issue should immediately park the vehicle, and have it towed to their GM dealer for an inspection.

The Vibe was built through August 2009 at the New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, Calif., which was a joint venture of GM and Toyota.

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