Penske wants Kurt Busch back for 2011

Kurt Busch has a new deal. Sort of. The season begins in less than a month, but the main topic is where some of the sport's top drivers could be after it's over.

Car owner Roger Penske said his team has exercised its option on Busch for the 2011 season but has not negotiated financial details. Busch, who finished fourth in the points last season, said he has a clause in his contract that allows him to explore other opportunities even though the team has exercised its option for 2011.

"I'm never going to back myself into a corner," Busch said. "I've got to understand what's out there. All of it will be done in a fashion where Roger and I are on the same page and we do it very respectfully."

Busch also said about his current ride, "This is where I'd love to be."

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