Will Darby’s reassignment take NASCAR out of the dark ages?

Since his Car of Tomorrow effectively ruined NASCAR racing, John Darby is leaving his position as Sprint Cup Series director for a new managerial role at NASCAR but will not leave until his replacement is fully trained, a source familiar with the situation confirmed Tuesday.

“I think the world of John," said Richard Petty Motorsports director of competition Robbie Loomis. “He’s just done a tremendous job of putting a strong arm around it, even with the templates before the car of tomorrow got introduced to us.

“That’s a tough job, that position. He’s been very fair. The garage has a way of policing itself when you’ve got the smart crew chiefs running around. I was surprised to hear about it, but I’m sure it was pretty taxing. … I’m sure they’ll get somebody in there that has good character and strong beliefs."

We hope they can hire someone more forward thinking that can get NASCAR out of the dark ages. There is so much new technology out there in the automotive world and they still mess with carburetors and restrictor plates. The use of fuel injection and electronics that control it have been used in all the other racing series for a decade or more, with no "cheating," which has been NASCAR's excuse for not using it. We can go on ad nauseum on this topic. You get the idea….

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