USF2000’s Hard Chargers Will be Recognized by Tilton

Although the winner stands on the top step of the podium, Tilton Engineering knows that sometimes it's the driver who improves his position the most that steals the show.

That's why the Buellton, Calif.-based company has agreed to present the Tilton Hard Charger award to the driver who moves up the most positions during each of the 12 races on the 2010 schedule of the USF2000 National Championship presented by Cooper Racing Tires and powered by Mazda.

The awards, which will be $250 certificates towards the purchase of Tilton components, are part of Tilton's support for the newest series in the Indy Racing League's Road to Indy system and the MAZDASPEED Motorsports driver development program. As part of the agreement, Tilton will be the official provider of clutch components and starter units for the USF2000 series' top division, the Championship class.

"Tilton supported our old USF2000 series through most of the 1990s with its Hard Charger award, and it is a pleasure to welcome it back once again," said Dan Andersen, president and chief executive officer of the company that administers the series, Andersen Promotions. "Tilton products are second to none in the area of both clutch assemblies and starter motors, and we are pleased that it has decided to once again support this level of open-wheel racing."

The series above it in the ladder system, Star Mazda, utilizes standing starts, but the USF2000 series will have rolling starts in 2010.

As part of its driveline products, Tilton offers bellhousings, clutch assemblies, clutch discs, clutch-flywheel assemblies, driveline accessories and bolt kits, driveline packages, flywheels and flexplates and release bearing assemblies. Its starter offerings include OE replacement starters, super starters, specialty application super starters and super starter replacement parts.

Its Web site is a wealth of information, as installation instructions and drawings as well as catalogs can be downloaded at

Sanctioned by the Indy Racing League (IRL), the USF2000 National Championship is one of only two series that are part of both the IRL's Road to Indy ladder system and the MAZDASPEED Motorsports driver development program. The series' 2010 season will open with a doubleheader March 27-28 on the street circuit in St. Petersburg, Fla. in support of an IZOD IndyCar Series headliner.

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