Skip Barber offers unlimited racing deal

Skip Barber today announced an unlimited racing program, where a racer can pay an annual fee, and learn, race, and test as much as they want. They have announced tiers for regional and national levels, as well as a top package that gives the racer access to any SBRS program for a full year, plus bonus racing schools for friends and family.

At just $150,000 for the full-blown national program, this is one huge deal. We think it will be a huge attraction for parents of young funded drivers, giving them more seat time than anywhere else they could ever drive.

We think they should be wary however. A couple of years back, Darden corporation offered all-you-can-eat King Crab at Red Lobster, and lost their tail…so to speak. In this case SBRS needs to be careful not to lose their tail-pipe.

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