Stremme still looking for 2010 ride

David Stremme said he is still looking for a 2010 ride and is considering beginning to work with a new Nationwide Series team that would run full time in 2011 when that series' new car is scheduled to be used in every race. Stremme was released from Penske Racing late last season. "We'll see what happens here real quick," Stremme said Saturday. "I might be able to announce something, a full-time deal. Until then, I don't really say much because if you're not signing anything, it's not worth talking about. I've got some cool things working with a guy that's going to be starting up with a full-time deal in '11 in the Nationwide Series with the new car, I think you'll see a lot of new owners coming in. I want to go around with a team that I can have fun with and be competitive. A lot of guys have to do start-and-parks to survive. I'm not in that position where I have to. I want to race. I've always grown up racing and try to win. That's some of the stuff I look at. I've had a lot of interest from different people, just nothing that's really excited me. I was stuck into a position where I was in a multi-year agreement with a team, and then they decided they wanted to do something different. So it kind of left me out. I've been looking." SceneDaily

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