Brit Wilson finds success in Colorado

When Justin Wilson raced his first go-cart as an 8-year-old in Sheffield, England, there was never an inkling on how far that first ride would actually take him. More than two decades and 4,540 miles later, Wilson finds himself in Dacono, living the American dream. The 31-year-old IndyCar driver has raced all over the country, chatted with pop culture icon Paul Newman and started a family.

"It's been pretty amazing," Wilson said. "I never could have imagined it."

Wilson's father originally got him into racing, and the day he turned 16, he moved up to cars. He quickly parlayed that love affair into a Formula One career in England. But when his team, starved for money, opted to go in a different direction by hiring a driver with more sponsorships, Wilson was shown the door.

He knew then that it would be a turning point in his life.

"I had always kind of thought of giving the States a try," Wilson said. "So this just kind of forced me into it." More from AP article.

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