F2 car undergoing significant 2010 upgrades

As the 2010 season approaches the Williams JPH1 F2 car is undergoing significant upgrades in order to enhance performance, reliability and overtaking. The car will be designated the JPH1B and these advances are highlighted below. The official F2 website is set to focus on each update in more detail over the coming weeks…

Williams F1 is currently undertaking an aerodynamic development program, using CFD technology, with the objective of improving aerodynamic efficiency by 15% and being able to generate 20% more downforce. The aerodynamic upgrades will focus too on increasing the ability of the F2 cars to follow closely, promoting overtaking.

The 2010 aerodynamic package will provide F2 drivers and engineers with a broader range of downforce levels to work with, facilitating greater set up optimization across the nine circuits F2 will visit.

Engine power will also be increased for the 2010 season, with F2 utilizing a new high flow Garrett turbocharger to raise standard power from 400bhp to 425bhp. The new turbocharger will produce an even greater gain on overboost, with power increasing from 450bhp to 480bhp.

A program of weight reducing measures will decrease the operating weight of the Williams JPH1B by around 25kg, to include new castings for the gearbox and bell housing adaptor in magnesium, rather than the previous aluminum, as well as many detail upgrades. Weight distribution will also be favorably improved by these changes.

Tire size will be increased in diameter at the front to increase grip and a new softer compound will be used. Revised differential components will improve stability on turn-in and mid-corner.

2009 FIA Formula Two Champion Andy Soucek and regular test driver Steven Kane have already begun testing and evaluating some of the proposed upgrades during winter testing in both Spain and Portugal. Full production and further testing is set to continue throughout the New Year in preparation for the 2010 season.

Upgraded Williams JPH1B overview:

  • Standard engine power raised from 400bhp to 420bhp
  • Overboost facility increased from 450bhp to 480bhp
  • Aerodynamic efficiency improved by 15%
  • 20% greater downforce generated
  • Operating weight of car reduced by around 25kg
  • Improved weight distribution
  • New gearbox castings
  • Magnesium bell housing adaptor
  • Increased front tire diameter and softer compound
  • Greater stability through revised differential components

MotorSport Vision Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer is confident the F2 car upgrades will be a major step forward for the championship: "Williams F1 did an outstanding job designing the JPH1 F2 car in 2009 under the direction of Patrick Head.

"However 2009 has just provided us with a solid base from which to aggressively enhance F2. Key areas that will be addressed for 2010 include a target of achieving 100% car reliability, greater car performance and team operational efficiency."

Williams Director of Engineering Patrick Head said: "Jonathan Palmer is never one to stand still, and amongst many other improvements wishes to raise the performance of the car by working on all the major performance controlling parameters; weight, power, tire grip, downforce and drag.

"Formula Two made a mark in 2009 as a competitive championship, professionally run with equal cars, but everything can be improved and we intend that this shall be the case for F2 in 2010."

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