Sick Edmondson also steps down from Grand-Am

GRAND-AM Road Racing (GRAND-AM) announced today that President Roger Edmondson is taking a leave of absence, effective Jan. 4, 2010, to address personal health issues.

GRAND-AM has grown and flourished under Edmondson's leadership since its inception in 1999. Tom Bledsoe will assume the day-to-day leadership role for GRAND-AM and continue to be supported by the management team including Vice President of Competition Dave Spitzer, Managing Director of Competition Mark Raffauf and Vice President of Marketing & Communications Kevin Hindson. Additionally, GRAND-AM continues to have the full backing and resources of NASCAR, which purchased GRAND-AM in 2008.

Bledsoe has fulfilled the role of Chief Operating Officer for GRAND-AM during the past eight years and has held the position of Treasurer for NASCAR since 1993. In his elevated role within GRAND-AM, Bledsoe will continue to provide strong leadership as its Chief Operating Officer and chair the GRAND-AM Management Committee.

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