F1 designers call for track changes

Two of Formula 1’s leading car designers believe radical changes to circuit layouts are needed to spice up the show.

Red Bull technical chief Adrian Newey and his Williams counterpart Sam Michael agree that the major rule changes instituted in 2009 yielded disappointing results, but feel circuit rather than chassis design is the key to improving the spectacle.

“Fundamentally, I think the circuits are probably the biggest influence," Newey told Racecar Engineering magazine. “Everybody keeps conveniently forgetting about that, as it is deemed to be easier to change the cars than change the circuits."

Michael reckons the switch to slick tires and lower aerodynamic down force in ’09 had some positive effects, and says the disparity in the amount of overtaking at different circuits highlighted the nature of the problem.

“One thing that hasn’t really been addressed at all so far is circuit design," he said.

“You’ve got to ask yourself, why do you go to a race such as Barcelona where no one overtakes, and then take exactly the same cars to Monza, Montreal or Hockenheim and you get lots of overtaking. ITV Sport

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