Mayfield holding auction

Mayfield holding auction: Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield is selling items worth about $5 million on the auction block next month [November 20th] as part of a favorite hobby of the N.C. resident. During the past year, the former driver has faced a swarm of controversy, including alleged drug abuse and a suspension from NASCAR. But the auction isn't because Mayfield is on hard times  he says his auction is an annual tradition on the farm. "I think this is going to be huge because we've got so much different stuff," said Mayfield. "Got some land involved in it, heavy equipment, tools& it should be fun. It's all I do all the time is try to find the nearest auction around, just trying to get a deal and just trying to outbid somebody. It's kind of competitive and sometimes I've ended up with stuff I didn't want just cause I got excited and started to bid against somebody." The auction includes 475 acres of land, a home under renovation, jewelry, guns and cars from Mayfield's personal collection. "He has a good fan base and I believe the fans will come out and support him during auction," said Will Lilly of Iron Horse Auction Co.(

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