Lime Rock to host electric vehicle race

On Friday, October 30, one of the more interesting inter-scholastic competitions you’ll ever see comes to Lime Rock Park. It’s called the Connecticut Electrathon Challenge.

Each year, high school and college students design and build electric racers, then head to the autocross course at Lime Rock to see which team can complete the most laps in precisely one hour.

Champions are recognized in five different divisions, and in the most recent race here at Lime Rock (May 15), the Old Lyme High School team no. 5 was the overall winner, completing 114 laps (close to 25 miles) on one charge of their battery pack.

The cars are ingeniously designed single-driver machines. Some are three-wheelers, some are four, but they’re all aerodynamic in the extreme, and look very cool.

Lime Rock fans are welcome to come watch the Connecticut Electrathon Challenge races, held on the upper autocross course Friday, October 30, beginning around 8:00 in the morning. Pick out your favorite school and cheer them on to an “electric green" victory!

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