Michael Waltrip in another car accident…

It was not long ago that Michael Waltrip was involved in a car accident where it was rumored that alcohol was suspected, but since he fled the scene, was never directly alleged. Now, we get breaking news of another incident that seems to imply that there was alcohol involved, but since he was below the legal limit, was not charged. This is partly speculation on our part, but the story does allude to this. This is the story as it appears on thatsracin.com:

Michael Waltrip was involved in a collision with a motorcycle Wednesday evening and was cited by Mooresville police, according to a police report.

Waltrip, who lives in eastern Lincoln County,

Waltrip, 46, who also owns a racing team and is a part-time TV commentator on racing shows, was driving a Lexus that collided with a Harley Davidson shortly before 8 p.m. on Perth Road, according to police. The report says Waltrip was trying to make a U-turn at the time.

The motorcyclist was treated at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. Waltrip was cited for failure to yield but was not injured.

WCNC-TV, the Observer's news partner, is reporting that Waltrip underwent a field sobriety test after the wreck but passed the test. His alcohol blood level was below the .08 legal limit in North Carolina.

WCNC-TV also contributed.

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