F1 official robbed in Sao Paulo

(GMM) The F1 fraternity's first brush with Sao Paulo crime on its 2009 visit was reported on Friday.

David Warren, commercial director of the sponsorship and Paddock Club company Allsport Management, was robbed en route from the international airport to the sprawling metropolis.

The driver of Warren's car pulled over to fix a puncture, shortly before the group of thieves pounced and stole his luggage.

"I'm in two minds about Sao Paulo," admitted BMW-Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld.

"You hear about all these muggings year after year, which puts you off any major excursions," said the German.

Ahead of the race weekend, Red Bull jokingly published a 'survival guide' to the Brazilian city, advising visitors to answer "no" to questions like "should I stop at red traffic lights?" and "should I stop if a car runs into the back of me?"

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