World-Wide Buyers Set to Descend On PRI Show

The motorsports industry will certainly be contributing its share to help rebuild the American economy as buyers from more than 60 nations have signed up to attend the 22nd annual PRI Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., Dec. 10-12 in the Orange County Convention Center.

As racers seek every competitive advantage available, national borders no longer serve as barriers in purchasing the kind of winning motorsports technology on display at the PRI Trade Show. The show has grown to become what’s generally considered the single best place to conduct motorsports business internationally. This year’s PRI Show has already seen buyers from 61 different nations register for the trade show that attracts more than 40,000 attendees.

"Globalization of the racing marketplace has been a powerful trend in recent years," said Francisque Savinien, Director of International Sales & Marketing for PRI.

Savinien’s marketing team has organized meetings among international racing entrepreneurs in regards to the opportunities at the PRI Trade Show in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Japan.

To further promote export sales, international buyers enjoy translation services, e-mail access, private conference rooms, and other services that may be required to conduct business at the show’s International Lounge.

"Racing business people around the globe now flock to the PRI Trade Show. We are registering attendees on a daily basis from countries as far as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Australia, as well as a large contingent coming from Europe and Latin America," relays Savinien.

Manufacturers come to exhibit at the PRI Trade Show from around the world as well. International exhibitors are expected to come from Australia, Japan, France, Italy and Argentina, among others.

This year’s buyers will enjoy more than 100 new distributors that have already signed on for the 2009 show.

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