Kahne stands by bogus caution statement (Kiss his career goodbye)

During the NASCAR video teleconference on Tuesday, Kasey Kahne answered a few questions for Insider Racing News. The questions and answers are below:

Q. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we all say things that we shouldn't say. Do you still stand by your statement that NASCAR threw a phantom caution to make the race more entertaining?

KASEY KAHNE: I never said phantom. I think other people may have said that. But I was frustrated. We had a Budweiser Dodge. We made adjustments to get it to where it was. We were a 25th place car at the start of the race and we figured out how to get in the top six, top five. Kurt Busch made a mistake and got me in Biffle, and then I was in another wreck right after that. So I was frustrated. I was disappointed and kind of what had happened to us in the Chase, we have had top ten cars in each race and had a few different problems now that we couldn't do anything about. I said that, and yeah, I didn't see anything on the track. My eyes are wide open, so at the time I was definitely frustrated. But we also need exciting races and we need exciting finishes, and a track like that, the tire we are racing on there, there's things that make that race, to me, pretty boring, and we needed a caution there at the end to make it exciting and I guess that's what the fans got.

Q. You've had some problems with Ford in the past and we all are aware of the problems. How are you going to deal with that and have you had any discussions yet with anyone about it?

KASEY KAHNE: Well, yeah, things that happened in the past, I'm glad that we can put things behind us and get over stuff like that. So you know, I know there's a new group there that's very excited to have Richard Petty Motorsports and Ford cars. So if that happens, then I look forward to it. I look forward to running Yates engines and the power that they have put out, and just trying to do the best job I can for Ford. It's been neat to race for Dodge. We have run some big races and really enjoy what we have done with Dodge in the past. If that ends, I go where the team goes and that will be to Ford maybe.

Q. Have you talked to anybody there yet?

KASEY KAHNE: Yeah, they have talked to me a few times, some of the guys that go to the racetrack, some of the Ford racing guys, and they seem really excited and want to do whatever it takes to get our No. 9 car winning races on that side, as well.

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