Vatanen accuses Todt backers trying to block a ‘mini-revolution

FIA presidential candidate Ari Vatanen says that rival Jean Todt backers are trying to block a "mini revolution".

F1's commercial rights-holder Bernie Ecclestone and current FIA President Max Mosley have come out in support of Frenchman Todt, with Mosley having stated in a recent letter to Vatanen's nominated vice-president (sport) for the Middle East, HRH Prince Feisal al Hussein of Jordan, that the 1981 World Rally Champion will "lose badly".

Vatanen told that the letter from Mosley illustrated exactly why there needs to be a change at the FIA.

"It was an incredible letter and I was very saddened by it," said Vatanen.

"It's a sad result of a culture where personal politics and power games rule the day.

"We have a totally different approach and are proposing the opposite culture to that.

"The FIA cannot be known as a place for battles. It must be a place where common ground can be found. We need to be accountable for our actions and encourage democracy.

"I couldn't expect anything else from them (Ecclestone and Mosley). They are a continuation of the old power and they don't want the family silver to be served by people who wish to apply modern governance.

"I'm not the owner of the modern governance and it's not static. It's an ongoing evolution.

"At the moment the minority, rather than the majority, is favored. That's why the FIA is out of breath. We can become dynamic and there is so much potential to be unleashed.

"This whole campaign has lifted my spirits. For a start, it looks promising (for the result of the election). Secondly, regardless of the outcome, I feel so good about the campaign because I know we are proposing a mini-revolution."

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