A1GP to return to Zhuhai

China is again on the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport calendar with the series heading back to the Zhuhai International Circuit in Season Five for a race there on 15 November 2009. When the series last visited there in 2007 the track held its most successful motorsport event to date.

Commenting on the announcement A1GP Chairman, Tony Teixeira, said: “This is great news as China has become an important stopover for our series. We have now been to four different circuits in the country for a total of six races, and the welcome has always been warm. I vividly remember the Zhuhai fans in 2007. They were very enthusiastic, and were especially excited to see A1 Team China on the podium. This is an important region for us both in terms of racing and economically, so it was never a question of if we would return but when."

For this event Zhuhai International Circuit will also be the promoter of the event, a move welcomed by Teixeira: “This is very good news for us as we already had a strong relationship after our first visit. The fact the track has taken on this role also shows its belief in the series."

According to Executive Deputy General Manager, Stewart Tan, “Zhuhai International Circuit is pleased to once again host the A1GP series. We have always believed in and enjoyed the essence of A1GP’s concept of racing where nations are pitted against nations, including the spirit of patriotism highly prevalent in the series. This augurs very well with China and we are confident that the general public will fully support A1GP Zhuhai as well as A1 Team China when the engines start roaring come 15 November 2009".

He adds that the belief in A1GP has prompted Zhuhai International Circuit to take a lead role in promoting the event both in the region and within China.
Zhuhai was China’s first race circuit, and was completed in November 1996. It is 4.3 kilometers long FIA Grade II track, and is easily accessible as it is just over the border from Macau and a short ferry ride from Hong Kong. It is located in the Guangdong region, which is one of China’s most prosperous provinces and has an economy the size of Sweden.

When the series last raced there CongFu Cheng became a national hero by taking third for A1 Team China and performing a sensational overtaking maneuver on A1 Team Ireland. The two races were won by A1 Team Germany and A1 Team India. The fastest lap by A1 Team Switzerland of 1:24.418 was at an average speed of 184.2kph, but in November the new generation of A1GP Powered by Ferrari cars are expected to beat that.

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