USF1 says Charlotte headquarters ‘complete’

(GMM) The new American team USF1 has moved to dispel persistent doubts about its chances of making its grand prix debut as scheduled next March.

Of the new outfits including Manor, Campos and Lotus, it is USF1 that is often at the forefront of rumors that not all the confirmed 2010 entrants will actually make it to Bahrain next season.

But on Wednesday, the outfit headed by Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor released photos of the inside of its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, formerly used by the Joe Gibbs NASCAR team.

"Our world headquarters is now complete and fully functional, and the 2010 race car is in the construction phase," said Anderson in an interview that was also distributed by the team.

The photos depicted a design office and various construction machines, but no actual cars and components.

It has been suggested that, after lying low during the 'breakaway' row between the FIA and F1's major teams, it might now be too late for USF1 to get started on a clean-sheet car design.

"Funny that you ask that question — we get that one a lot," Anderson said. "Our timing (for the car) is according to plan, with an early November 'roller' and a finished car in time for January 2010 testing."

He indicated that the next step is the establishment of USF1's European base.

"What most people see – the transporters, motor coaches and the 'lifestyle' side of formula one – are a much smaller part of the overall budget and will be located at our European facility, which we'll tell you about soon," added Anderson.

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