ACO confirms GT1 for 2010; LMP1 rules for 2011

After meeting with the constructors racing or being interested to race at Le Mans and in the various Le Mans Series in Paris today, the ACO announced several decisions for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

First of all the ACO announced the equalization of air restrictors for open and closed cars for 2011. As a result the advantage of the closed cars should have been reduced and both type of cars should be on the same level of competition. The announcement of the ACO is as follows:

“In the context of the new 2011 rules, entrants in LM P with an open or closed body will therefore set off on an equal footing. Results of studies carried out by the ACO technical consultants confirm that the aerodynamic advantages as from now offset the constraints linked to maintaining a maximum temperature in the cockpit of closed cars."

“Furthermore, the problems linked to windscreen wipers, condensation, etc. are from now on appreciated by everyone. Lastly, the time in pit stops, extended as a result of the new rules concerning tire changes, no longer gives an advantage to open cars, as used to be the case."

“It was therefore essential to confirm this decision here and now, so as to allow the constructors to adopt a position with regard to their choice of new cars to be constructed for 2011."

Furthermore the ACO also confirmed that the GT1 class continues to exist in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as the Le Mans Series. All cars that are eligible for the FIA GT1 World Championship will be accepted to race in 2010.

According to the ACO three constructors have confirmed their intention to race at Le Mans in 2010. The manufacturers will also have to run their cars in the European and Asian Le Mans Series, an absolute requirement to be invited to Le Mans. All teams that have won an automatic entry for Le Mans will be joining them, which means the ACO expects some 8-10 cars on the grid of the 24 Hours in June 2010.

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