Kobayashi on standby after Glock crash

(GMM) Kamui Kobayashi has been put on standby to possibly race in Sunday's Japanese grand prix.

Timo Glock has a heavy cold and on Friday sat out practice with a high fever, and on Saturday was transported to a local hospital after cutting his leg and twinging his back in a high speed qualifying crash.

Team president John Howett said at Suzuka that he hopes Glock, 27, can drive on Sunday.

According to the rules, a substitute driver can only be appointed prior to Saturday morning practice. But it is believed that Howett will be making a case of 'force majeure' to the stewards of the meeting.

Possibly in 23-year-old Kobayashi's favor is that he subbed for Glock on Friday, even though both sessions were wet.

"We will have to wait and see what they (the stewards) say," Howett is quoted as saying in the German media.

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