Montoya has moved past Indy

NASCAR has issued 75 "speeding tickets" this year during Sprint Cup races, the most notable perhaps coming last week at Indianapolis as Juan Montoya seemed to be cruising to a win when he was tagged with a penalty. Caught at Pocono by the media, how has it affected Montoya?

“Do I gain anything by wondering or saying or thinking was the speedometer right or the tach right, was NASCAR right, was I wrong? Who cares? I moved on, can’t change it. Even if they came to me today and said you know what we made a mistake it wouldn’t change anything. It is what it is. I’ve moved on and we’re here. For our team our focus is this week."

So has the transition from a high tech F-1 car to a low tech NASCAR been part of the challenge for Montoya and did it affect last week? A brutally honest Montoya replied "Get over it. It’s been three years. It’s not like I did it yesterday."

Montoya brought last weeks dominate car from Indy to run this week at Pocono, but will it help?

“We actually brought the same car because the car we were going to bring here we’re not as happy with it as we thought we were going to be. The Indy car was in one piece so we brought it here. Does it mean we’re going to run as good as Indy, I really doubt it. I would hope so but you know this is very bumpy. I don’t know what people see similar between this and Indy."

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