Toronto Friday Notebook – 1

UPDATE Added photo of Rahal with his special helmet and Mark Cipolloni holding one of Dale Coyne's cigars below.

Graham Rahal with his special helmet
Mark Scheuern/

07/10/09 Friday started out quite comfortable here in Toronto with low humidity and hazy sunshine……Graham Rahal is wearing a special helmet commemorating his father's win here many years ago. It is painted two schemes, divided down the middle…………Robert Doornbos continues to also carry the McDonald's colors and we hear both NHLR drivers will carry McDonald's the remainder of the year……Fast man in the morning, Will Power, is in an all yellow paint scheme this weekend with Penske Trucking logos…….Dale Coyne was handing out Cuban cigars with a label

One of Dale Coyne's cigars
Mark Scheuern/

affixed saying "Our 1st Win – July 5, 2009" in celebration of their first win last week……..Many drivers are in different paint schemes each week, a sign of the times that teams are finding it hard to land a sponsor for a full season so they sell them race-by-race and repaint the car in the sponsor's paint scheme. Happens a lot in NASCAR these days as well…….Friends James Davison and Martin Plowman were 1-2 in Indy Lights practice this morning. AGR driver Saavedra Sebastian was 3rd……..Attendance was rather light this morning compared to the Champ Car days, but not a bad start for new race promoter Andretti Green…….Honda is meeting with the IRL this afternoon, we don't know yet what the topic is, but we hear that Honda is going to give the IRL an update as to where they are with their new engine and Honda wants to hear where the IRL is with regard to new manufacturers coming in……..We hear the next generation concept IndyCar we showed you Indy during the month of May is one of the two designs still in the running for the next IndyCar…….Mark C. reporting from Toronto

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