Gigawave develops new on-board technologies

The inaugural Superleague Formula season was a great success in terms of the racing, the television spectacle and the organization, surprising many other better established motor sport series.

The last season of the Championship gradually gained supporters from the audience in 70 countries where the races were broadcasted, obtaining in its first season, and with only 6 rounds, an average of 6 million fans per race throughout the world, as well as internet uses in 80 different countries who followed the races with Superleague Formula TV also live on the official website of the championship.

The off season does not always mean a holiday for those working on the series and the Gigawave on-board team have been working hard, making sure all their camera and transmitter systems are checked and upgraded for a new season of racing.

Gigawave have also used the off season as a chance to develop their on-board technology with the use of the Glasgow Rangers car that is currently at their Earls Colne headquarters in Essex.

Race action from the on-board cameras is one the features most valued by TV viewers. One specific characteristic of SF is that each of the 18/20 cars on the grid represent a big club, a big brand and millions of fans. It was therefore fundamental to SF to offer the fans of every club the most spectacular images of their car either via live broadcast or via a video clip that they can download from our web site after a race.

Head of On Boards, Ashley Jackson comments; “Having access to this car without any time pressures allows us to test and develop new ideas that we have had throughout the season. We are always looking to perfect our systems and keep us ahead of the game.

These cars were actually designed with the Gigawave equipment in mind so there are dedicated areas within the car that house our cameras and transmitters perfectly, that just show how pivotal Gigawave’s technology is to new racing series"

“We had a fantastic collaboration with Gigawave in our inaugural season to achieve that. Each one of the 18 cars was equipped with 2 on-board cameras and a transmitter kit already from the first race in Donington. We even raised our game during our short season allowing during the race a unilateral broadcaster to interview live one of the drivers enabling the TV viewers to watch from the on-board camera his hands maneuvering the car while listening to him simultaneously. We work continuously with our partners like Gigawave on technical evolutions and innovations so that we keep bringing the emotion of the races to this new generation of football/motor racing fans.", said the Superleague Formula Broadcasting Director, Nicolas Duchoud.

Last week, Superleague Formula announced the provisional calendar for this new season and in the next weeks will also announce the grid and new agreements with partners and broadcasters. Two more European football clubs are also about to inform about its join to the series for this season.

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