NASCAR limits Truck series engines, pit crews

NASCAR will limit Camping World Truck Series teams to five men over the wall instead of seven and not allow them to fuel and change tires during the same pit stop this season, the sanctioning body announced today.

The change in over-the-wall personnel was one of several changes NASCAR announced to help teams in the series save money.

Teams also will not be able to use three different engines in three consecutive events, excluding the races at Daytona and Talladega. After an engine’s initial use, competitors must declare the use of an engine for a future event, and the engine will be sealed by NASCAR. If an engine expires during a race weekend and the team must use a different engine, it must start in the rear of the field, just as in previous seasons. The rule applies to a team's three consecutive races entered and not just the three consecutive races on the schedule, meaning that if a team skipped races, it would still need to race the same engine in two of any three events it enters.

Many teams already had used engines in at least two events before replacing various pieces.

In another cost-cutting move, a crew chief must designate a maximum of 12 active crew members for each event. Active crew members include crew chief, driver, spotter and crew members that enter the truck servicing area of pit road during the race.

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