Williams at odds over F1 theme park

Sir Frank Williams

(GMM) Williams is yet to agree to be formally affiliated with formula one's first official theme park, set to open in Dubai later this year.

F1-X is a 70-acre park with over 20 major rides and exhibits, and a star attraction at the entrance is set to be a full-sized grid of formula one cars.

Grove based Williams, however, is so far refusing to provide for the 'grid' a show car or rolling chassis, despite the personal involvement in the request of F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, according to reports in the German press.

Williams, the only team in F1 not backed by a car manufacturer or a billionaire individual, is arguing that because it does not benefit directly from the display of its name or sponsors, the use of its car should accompany a commercial settlement.

Ecclestone is quoted as advising Sir Frank Williams to ask his sponsors for additional payments, since they will benefit the most from the exhibit in Dubai.

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