Ecclestone slams FIA, Mosley

Bernie Ecclestone believes that Formula 1's governing body, the FIA, should not be writing the sport's rules.

"The sporting regulations basically are what generate the income and we run the commercial business," Ecclestone said to the Daily Express.

"The FIA should just be the police looking at the rules. The teams and us should be writing the technical and sporting regulations."

To show how far out of touch with reality Ecclestone himself is, he recently suggested that a ludicrous medals system should be introduced to Formula 1, which would decide the outcome of the drivers' world championship rather than the current points structure. In response, the FIA stated its belief that before such a change could be made, extensive market research would need to be done, but Ecclestone disagrees.

"We don't want to ask the public what they think because, if we do we would have to ask the public about almost every little thing that is decided on," said the 78-year-old.

Last year's sex scandal involving Mosley prompted Ecclestone to suggest the FIA boss should step down and the F1 boss has revisited the argument once again, saying that the creation of the new F2 series – a rival to Ecclestone's GP2 championship – was, "all done for the wrong reasons. He did this when he had a problem with his private life."

Ecclestone added: "I had so much pressure from manufacturers and sponsors saying you must convince him to leave."

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