MotoGP to cut costs

MotoGP is set to follow the example of Formula One in introducing radical measures to cut costs following the exit of Kawasaki from the sport.

Ducati team boss Livio Suppo has now revealed that the first objectives for 2009 will be to spend less time on the track and prolong the use of each engine.

"There are some limitations set for 2009, but the bikes have already been built so miracles cannot be performed," he told Motosprint in Italy.

"In practice, as the greatest expense comes from wearing material – in particular the engine – we realized that the only thing to do now is to make the bikes spend less time on the track.

"That means less test days, shorter free practice and qualifying sessions, and engines able to last for at least two grands prix.

"Servicing the engine, and obviously component replacements, are important to the balance sheet: to cut costs you need to start there. An engine is now serviced after each race weekend, after running for about 600km.

"This year, according to our proposal, we should compete in at least two races with the same engine. In 2010, even three. But for 2010 there is time to intervene in a radical way; that's not the case now."

Suppo said Italian outfit Ducati were waiting on the agreement of the Japanese teams regarding engine lifetimes.

"While we all agree on the cancellation of the Monday tests and the reduction of session times, we at Ducati are still waiting for a reply from the Japanese (teams) regarding the issue of the engine having to last two races," he said.

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