Twits trying for total cell phone ban

The National Safety Council (NSC – we prefer to call them twits because their brain is not able to do more than one thing at once) is pushing state and local governments to enact a new rule banning the use of cell phones, even with hands-free devices, while driving.

The organization has been touting studies that show driving while using a Bluetooth headset is just as dangerous as it is when talking on a traditional handset. NSC spokespeople also point to a recent survey, by Nationwide Insurance, that shows 40 percent of drivers have been hit or almost hit by another driver who was talking on the phone. They liken the push for the new blanket ban to that of the battle for child-safety seats and seat belts.

Many have called such a ban unenforceable, but that hasn't stopped the Council from moving forward. They're encouraging businesses to forbid their employees from talking and driving while on the job. ExxonMobil has instituted just such a ban, and a spokesman for the company defended it, saying, "We didn't want people to have to make a choice between safety and business. We will make that choice for them."

We've gotten used to being able to use our Bluetooth headsets while driving around, and it would certainly take a lot to break the habit. We understand the logic behind an all-out ban, but we'd like to see the current bans in places like New York, New Jersey and California enforced a bit better before state governments try to expand the laws.

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