BMW drivers not good enough for new F1 cars

BMW's current F1 drivers simply are scared and not good enough to handle the new F1 cars.

BMW Sauber drivers Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica have said they will probably break off their front wings because they do not have enough talent to know where they are because they cannot see them.

"I can imagine that now we will see many more touches," German Heidfeld said. "Sitting inside the car, the driver cannot see the wing although, of course, you know it is there.

"However, in previous seasons, you knew you could take a chance (and not damage the wing); now I think there will be more problems, especially at the start.

"If everything continues as it has been, the 2009 season will be very dangerous."

"It is too wide," he told Marca. "I am curious to see how many of these wings will be flying in the first race in Australia – I believe that they are going to be flying from all sides."

"After my first lap in testing, I thought about returning to the pits because the other drivers (without the new dimensions) did nothing but pass me," the veteran said.

"Compared to them, it seemed that I had stopped – and, in addition to that, it is very easy to spin [Editor's Note: The accelerator works both ways, if they do not have enough talent they will just have to lift off and go slower]. It is very, very dangerous."

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