Mike Wallace lands ride for Daytona 500

Mike Wallace says he's secured a ride in a "competitive car" for the season-opening Daytona 500, providing he can get through the arduous Daytona qualifying process. But beyond Daytona, Wallace said this week he just doesn't know what's going to happen. "We're still talking to people, and they're still interested in possibly doing something," Wallace said. "The only thing that I'm thinking is that I wish it was, like, three months ago — because the way they're thinking and the way I'm thinking, knowing how close the beginning of the season is, causes me a little bit of concern." But at this moment, like a lot of other guys and women, if you count drivers like his younger daughter Chrissy, who had meetings planned this week with team owner Bob Germain to determine what the suddenly sponsor-strapped Germain Racing team might be able to do to race with her this season, Wallace just doesn't know exactly what he's doing beyond Speedweeks — though he'd consider racing any of NASCAR three national tours. More at NASCAR.com

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