Strategic alliance to help develop Indian motorsports infrastructure

Derek Daly Design (DDD) is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Van Diemen International Racing Services for the specific purpose of helping develop the club and pro level motorsports infrastructure in India.

Van Diemen is currently manufacturing a new “world car" chassis with flexible engine options. The car will have either a “H" pattern or sequential gearbox. After extensive local training provided by Van Diemen, all manufacturing will be carried out in India.

“We are fully supportive of Van Diemen’s initiative to build their “world car" in India. With customers of ours who wish to build new race tracks in India, to have access to new cars and therefore new championships at their new facilities, only makes sense" …said Derek Daly, founder, DDD.

“We are delighted that Derek also shares our vision in India and part of our mission is to support DDD’s global clients. Our partners have demonstrated that they can produce race cars to the highest standards. The car will be fully compliant with article 277 of the FIA world regulations" said David Bowes, CEO of Elan Motorsports Technologies, owners of Van Diemen.

Derek Daly Design (DDD) is a partnership with Paxton Waters Architecture. They specialize in a design style that helps bring back some of the lost character to race tracks across the globe. DDD is also unique because in addition to providing design and consulting services, DDD also uses its vast motorsports network to help clients fully develop their business models.

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