First for Neel Jani, A1 Team Switzerland

Neel Jani
FIRST time you knew you wanted to be a racing driver:

“Well, for me it was actually very early. I think I was three year-old or something like that. Obviously my dad was racing, so I was always at the race track and then at five I got my first go kart. I had started before, playing with the little Formula One toys or Scalextrics."

FIRST time you raced something (not necessarily a car)?
“That was downhill karting. We lived on a hill, and we went down that hill with go karts. You know, the ones where you have to peddle? I raced with my neighbors, my sister, everybody. We were racing each other all the time. I lost all my baby teeth in one crash, once. I could not eat for several weeks. We also did sledging races when we were small, down in front of our house. We were racing all the time, basically."
FIRST car you bought?
“I never bought a car so far. I have always just had one. My very first one was actually an MG, an English car – an MG F convertible. Then afterwards I always had a Renault because I got cars from Renault so I always had actually cool cars like Clio sport or Megane sport."
FIRST CD you bought?
“I am not so much into music much, actually. I never remember one song; I just listened on the radio."
FIRST word you said?
“My parent’s told me once but… I can’t remember. I will have to ask them."
FIRST racing crash?

“It was in go karts when I was seven. I remember it well. Because at the time when you are small, under 10 or so, you are driving with your own go karts. And obviously some of them didn’t know how to drive and I was always quicker than the rest, so I had a shunt once with one of them and I flipped and went into the forest. I was scared for about one minute and cried I think. Then my sister drove and was quick, and I thought that I can do that too and so I came back."

FIRST pet?
“We didn’t really have any in my family. I am not too much an animal fan. I don’t mind them but I am not too big a fan of them. Too much work."
FIRST kiss?

“Cybil. I think that’s what I remember at least. What do you mean by kiss? It’s a big spectrum. The first one I remember really was the one which I…my first girlfriend was 14, Cybil."

FIRST race win?
"I was 16 and it was in my first year of cars. It was in Formula Lista Junior. It was like Formula BMW is now."
FIRST thing you do in the morning?
“I have a… well, I go to the toilet. Well, I get up anyway."

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