Barrichello hopes new Honda F1 owner will retain him

Rubens Barrichello is eager to continue racing in Formula 1 with the new owners of the Honda Formula 1 team. The team is currently for sale and according to the latest reports talking to three different possible buyers. The team's 2008 race driver, Rubens Barrichello, is still without a contract for next season but hopes to stick with the Brackley based team. "I told Ross, right now I am into the situation where I am not old and I can still use this as a learning emotion. I am so fired up," Barrichello told "I told him again that it could be a good time for me to say goodbye and start shouting bad against people for what they have done bad to me, but no. I am ready to race. I have lost half the weight of what I need to lose, and am eager to keep going.

"I don't think it is coincidence that I won the two kart races back in Brazil. Of course, it is at a level of competition that is much lower than F1, but it shows that I am up to it. I think I can use my mentality, plus my speed and my focus on the right stuff right now to really help the team carry on. And I don't want to sign just for one year. I want to sign for two or three years. I also started my career on slicks and I definitely want to finish my career on slicks."

"I have unfinished business in F1. I am sure I can finish higher up, if not winning the championship. I really believe that is what I deserve. It would be a shame not to use the services of someone so eager to do it, plus with all the experience and the speed. It is the right time – and it comes with the willingness to do well.

"If you sign someone with the speed but whose time is over, they will set up the car differently and badly. You are 80 percent of the time going through corners, and you set up the car different compared to someone who comes and wants to go flat out. For me, I am still taking it flat – and sometimes this year in qualifying you have that little pimple on your skin saying 'just remember you are not a boy any more' after the corner. So it is still there very much."

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