Southern GOP senators NASCAR’s future at risk

UPDATE The auto-industry bailout is largely supported by Democrats, who control both the House and Senate. Many of the bailout’s opponents are congressional Republicans from the South, where foreign automakers have opened numerous manufacturing facilities. Therefore, they do not support the bailout of the US manufacturers because their collapse would mean more sales and more jobs for the foreign auto plants in their states.

12/11/08 NASCAR is very supportive of the GOP party, and have been for as long as we can remember. Southern Republican Senators Shelby (AL), Sessions (AL), McConnell (KY), Corker (TN), DeMint (SC) along with other sections of the U.S. (Ensign (NV) have shown that they are perfectly happy to allow the big three to be destroyed if it takes the UAW along with it. Imagine what NASCAR will look like without Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

Currently the teams in NASCAR are driving these brands – Chevrolet (21), Dodge (15), Ford (8) and Toyota (13).

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