Hakkinen backs ‘medals’ concept for F1

(GMM) Mika Hakkinen has backed Bernie Ecclestone's proposal to introduce an Olympic Games-style system of colored medals for the scoring of the drivers' world championship.

The Finn, who still would have won his titles in 1998 and 1999 under the F1 chief executive's proposed system, said he believes medals rather than points would better motivate the drivers.

"I have thought about it and I must say I think the concept is very good," Hakkinen, 40, told motorline.cc on a visit to Austria.

"Sometimes when you are in a grand prix and in fifth place, you think 'ok, a few points'. But with the medal system you would be under more pressure to move forward to get a medal," he said.

Hakkinen, therefore, believes the system would spice up the racing beneath the top three finishers, amid some commentator's view that they will be unmotivated because of the lost incentive of points down to eighth place.

"Instead they would have a bigger goal and there would be more fights," he insisted.

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