Hewland Engineering F2 transmission in production

Since the F2 championship launch at the Williams F1 Conference Centre last month, work continues apace behind the scenes – with the gearbox design and production being the latest development.

The all-new gearbox for the F2 car is now in production having been specifically designed by renowned motorsport transmission manufacturer, Hewland Engineering.

Named the TMT, its narrow gear cluster is similar to that used in Formula One cars just a few years ago. This promotes well-balanced handling characteristics for the chassis and the two-shaft longitudinal layout provides fast access for ratio changes and ease of maintenance.

The TMT is a major component in the F2 car as its casing also carries the suspension mountings, wing mounting and rear crash structure. The compact semi-automatic gear shift system is designed to ensure longevity, low running costs and high reliability – all of which are vital to the F2 car.

The car continues to take shape as news of the gearbox production follows the first ‘dyno’ test of the 1.8-litre turbo-charged Audi engine. Full production of the TMT is due for completion by January 2009, as per the original Formula Two schedule.

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