New look F1 cars for 2009

UPDATE (GMM) Test driver Christian Klien has issued a damning appraisal of the appearance of F1's cars of 2009.

Observers had already raised their eyebrows when Williams recently tested a car fitted with a rear wing that conformed to next year's radical aerodynamic rule changes.

The towering, skinny and basic look is back in action at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya this week, and BMW-Sauber's interim offering is complete with a wide and flat 2009-style front wing.

"It's a sexy car isn't it?" BMW's Klien joked to reporters after driving the modified F1.08.

"As it is at the moment it's the worst formula one car I have ever seen. It doesn't seem like it fits, all the big wings and everything.

"But everyone will get used to it and it's not how it will look in March."

Complete with a KERS system and slick tires, however, the car was more competitive than its aesthetics suggest, Klien said.

"It actually drives quite nice, the lap times are already quite good as you saw," he explained. "The high speed (sections) is a bit trickier but the slick tires give a lot more grip at slower speeds."

11/17/08 These photos of the BMW team running 2009 aerodynamics in testing at Barcelona today gives you some idea what the F1 cars will look like in 2009.

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