Westphal Tests Indy Lights Car With Andersen Racing

Sebring International Raceway was the site of the one day test for Jeff Westphal in the RLR Andersen Indy Lights Machine. "I was extremely excited coming into this test. When Dan Andersen gave me the call about testing with his Indy Lights program, I immediately went to work logistically trying to get everything nailed down."

The 450 horsepower V8 was a hurdle that Westphal quickly and effectively cleared. Coming from his background in a 4 cylinder 150 horsepower F2000 car, he had the right approach by methodically picking up the pace and asking more of the Dallara chassis as the day progressed. By the end of the day, Westphal posted a time on par to that of many drivers that had tested with the team in the past. "I know I could get more out of the car with a bit more seat time, the differences in weight, wheelbase, down force and horsepower demanded a different approach that I feel like I have grasped, but you can always go a bit faster and find a little more time. The engineers were instrumental with their feedback and use of data to work with me on specific tasks as the day progressed."

The 22 year old Californian was the 2008 Pacific F2000 Champion, also setting a new win record in the series with 9 out of the 12 races. He had 8 poles and 8 fastest laps of the race to add to the outstanding year. "Dan and John Andersen have a great program going right now. The ideas and opportunities they bring to the table are going to be just what the racing industry will need in the next couple of years, mainly with their in-house driver development ladder that is in place. It is a one stop shop for moving forward with your development as a driver!"

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