Quotes of the week

"We managed to save Hamilton from being sent to the psychiatric ward." Luca di Montezemolo, President, Ferrari, referring to Felipe Massa's near win of the World Drivers Championship

"If I had Lewis' car then I'd have been world champion too. Lewis is a worthy world champion but he wouldn't have done as well as me in my Honda. I mean, the guy has never been in a bad car. I think you learn from it and become a better driver trying to work with a bad car. Jenson Button, Formula 1 driver, Honda, finished 18th in the World Drivers Championship

“He [Lewis Hamilton] shouldn’t have been in that position. If he’d been allowed to drive as he normally does – aggressively and quickly – he wouldn’t have been in a situation where we’re thinking is he going to make it or isn’t he. I mean he lined up fourth but finished fifth and I thought that was very disappointing. He was very very lucky to get the title. I think he deserves it because he’s done so well during the year, but he certainly did not deserve it on Sunday." Sir Stirling Moss, former Formula One driver, commenting on the results of the Brazilian GP and the outcome of the World Drivers Championship

"I'm with the team I've always dreamed of being with and, if you have the car of your dreams, why would you leave? The day I get in the car and don't have the motivation, maybe that's the time to get out. But I want to see my career out with this team." Lewis Hamilton, McLaren Mercedes, 2008 World Drivers Champion, commenting on the lure of joining Ferrari

"Sometimes you wonder whether it is worth staying in Formula One, even when it has been your dream for so long. We are all human and have feelings. When people behave as they do by talking against Lewis it hurts, and nobody wants that for people they love and care about. We are decent people. I don't know why they are doing what they are doing, but I just hope God can forgive them." Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis Hamilton, 2008 World Drivers Champion, commenting on racists remarks and antics directed toward Lewis

"The comments are shameful and disgraceful. Lewis Hamilton has made a colossal contribution to the country and the sport, and the sport has a duty of care to protect him and his family. Bernie Ecclestone is not fit to be in that environment and he should resign. There has to be zero tolerance [of racism]. However successful he [Ecclestone] is, it is clear he is out of touch with the 21st century. It is totally out of order, unacceptable and he should move over. Hamilton should be working in a racism-free environment, as should his father. Paul Elliott, ambassador for European campaigners FARE, commenting on Ecclestone's remarks that the antics of some spectators wearing wigs and dark makeup at pre-season testing in Barcelona last February were "a joke" and said "I don't think it was anything to do with racism."

"[It is] not certain that the Big Three automakers will be able to continue their involvement in NASCAR. I've been told directly by each of the companies having challenging times that one of the things that works best for them is NASCAR. Each went out of their way to tell me that while there are pullbacks and cuts to meet these challenges, the last thing would be to abandon something that works well." Brian France, NASCAR Chairman, commenting at a press conference at Phoenix International Raceway

"I'm excited. I wish we could have left here and all we have to do is start [at Homestead], but Carl put up a great fight. They've been a strong, championship-caliber team all year. But as long as something doesn't go crazy for us down in Homestead, we're going to tie Cale — and I can't wait to start celebrating." Jimmie Johnson, winner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway. Johnson now leads the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup by 141 points going into the last race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

"Honestly, holding an open-wheel car flat-out around an oval is not exactly very exciting. I love this NASCAR thing because you're really having to work in the car. The IRL Series is not half as competitive as NASCAR, even a quarter as competitive as Formula One was. It's just how it is. You see the guys who come from open-wheel over here and go over there. It's not the same sport. It's [open-wheel racing] dangerous for one and I don't see the difficulty." Scott Speed, NASCAR driver, ex-Formula One driver

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