Schu controversy arises over Barrichello insult

(GMM) A controversy has erupted in Brazil and Germany, as the health of the relationship between Felipe Massa and his Ferrari mentor Michael Schumacher is called into doubt.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Lance, Schumacher's former Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello – after a few too many caipirinhas – leapt onto a stage at the Sao Paulo nightclub 'Disco' last Sunday night and began singing.

Reportedly, the song consisted of the puerile claim that Schumacher is "viado" — a derogatory term meaning gay in Brazilian Portuguese.

Lance reports that Massa, an open admirer of the seven time world champion and recipient of the Ferrari advisor's guidance, initially disapproved but ultimately joined in the chorus when Barrichello threw his arm around the 2008 championship runner-up.

"That Rubens does something like this does not surprise me," Schumacher's long time manager Willi Weber told Bild newspaper.

"But as for Felipe, I am surprised, because the two have a really good understanding with each other and are close friends."

A Ferrari spokesman, Schumacher's spokeswoman Sabine Kehm, and Schumacher himself declined to comment.

Schumacher, 39, has been married to wife Corinna since 1995, and they have two children.

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