Ecclestone won’t commit to ’09 summer break

UPDATE (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone on Friday did not rule out tweaking the 2009 formula one calendar to reinstate a summer break.

The addition of a nineteenth grand prix next year is at the expense of the usual August break; a three-week gap in races and testing that gives F1's travelling fraternity a chance for a breather.

The break is missing in the F1 chief executive's provisional schedule for next year, and reinstating it will require either the German, Hungarian or Turkish grands prix to move.

"Let's have a look," 77-year-old Ecclestone said in Singapore on Friday. "We are going to do something."

09/26/08 Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone refused to be drawn on whether changes will be made to the 2009 season to compensate for a lack of the traditional mid-summer break.

Next year's calendar runs from the end of March to November but is without the usual three-week break in August.

Consequently a number of teams have expressed concerns that drivers, engineers, mechanics and staff will suffer burn-out.

Possible solutions to make room in the schedule would be to move around the German, Hungarian or Turkish Grand Prix.

But Ecclestone was remaining quiet over the exact details of what could happen.

"Lets have a look," said the 77-year-old. "The movement is very jerky at the moment but we are going to do something."

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