Black flags at night

The Singapore Grand Prix will highlight the development of the new digiflag system to warn drivers with lights rather than flags.

Flag signals have been an integral part of the sport since the early days but with modern technology and new needs the idea of a new system has been developed so that race control is in charge of all signaling. Valerio Maioli, the company that is lighting the Singapore circuit, has come up with a system of light signals to keep the drivers informed of what is going on.

Thirty five display panels will be situated around the track. controlled by hand-held panels operated by officials at each marshals’ post, they will supplement the traditional flag signals. In addition the race director will have an overview of the warnings being displayed around the entire circuit, allowing more centralized, efficient communication of warnings to drivers.

And showing black flags at night?

"It is a black panel with a white edge around it," says Maioli.

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