3 Roush Engines stolen

Thieves made a fast getaway after taking three NASCAR racing engines from a well-known race shop in Mooresville. Police say someone broke into the Roush/Yates engine shop and got away with three of the big Ford engines used by the team in the Nationwide and Truck Series.

If the thieves are thinking of dropping one of these engines under the hood, they better think again.

They are 358 cubic inch Ford racing engines known for putting out lots of horsepower. The engines are worth $50,000 each.

"These are not everyday engines, these are NASCAR specific engines, you can't put them in a car, plus they are Roush Yates engines, very specific," said Mooresville Police Lt. Joseph Cooke.

The engines were taken sometime Monday night from the shop off Mazeppa Road.

One of the workers said he knew it was going to be a bad day when he came to work and saw a big hole in the wall.

The hole is big enough for thieves to get inside, then open the door.

Each of the engines weigh more than 500 pounds. They're kept on rollers and that made it easy for thieves to roll them into a cargo van they happened to steal from another race team.

"They stole a Penske rental truck, like a cargo van and used the cargo van to load up the engines and take the engines away." wbtv.com

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